Holdright Basement Wall Anchor Systems

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Hold-Right® Basement
Wall Anchoring System      Engineer Certified

 Advantages of our Wall Anchors 

  • Very little excavation, eliminating a big mess.
  • One day installation in most basements.
  • Protection taken of lawn, shrubs, trees and home.
  • Raises the value of your home.
  • Gives a secure home and peace of mind.
  • Engineer Certified
  • Transferrable Warranty

Stabilize Buckling and Bowing Walls

The Hold-Right® Wall Anchor System is a proven anchor system, with engineering that is steps ahead of the competition. We have helped thousands of home owners straighten and stabilize their buckling, bowing or bulging basement walls, giving assurance of a secure foundation wall is what most home owners are looking for.  We thrive on securing and straightening unstable walls. Our objective on the job is to make stable and secure walls.  To make your home secure as possible is important to us. Don't wait, replacing a buckling or pushed in wall is very expensive. Most walls can be pulled straight again, without having to be replaced.

Bowing Basement Wall


If you are looking to have your basement walls pulled back and straightened we can help.  It is important to choose someone you can trust. After 40 years of serving and earning the trust of thousands of customers, we pass this integrity on to you with confidence, while straightening your buckling, bowing or bulging walls. 

We offer our professional services, in wall straightening, to give you, the assurance and peace of mind you deserve.  Enjoy the comfort and security of straightened walls with your stabilized basement foundation. 

Unstable bowing walls         Secure Anchored Basement
 Unstable bowing walls           A Secure Anchored Basement


Factors that Contribute to Foundation Repair


Many factors contribute to leaky basements and cause unstable walls.


Wet soil expands & places extreme pressure on foundation walls.








Sod over the earth anchor is carefully removed and replaced.


Hole is carefully dug to install earth anchor.








Earth anchor and inside wall plate  are drawn tight to stabilize wall.


Dirt is tamped back into anchor hole and sod replaced.









Unstable wall is sheared at bottom and off wall plate at top.


Shear corrected and wall pulled back into place.